Best Toner Saving Printers of 2016
April 8, 2016

With their release of the new Eco-Tank series of printers, Epson is making an effort to broaden the options for people wanting OEM solutions to the cartridge model. While Epson is sticking to ink, other manufacturers have been making strides in laser printing. What were once only grayscale, business- volume behemoths are now sleek, reasonably-priced toner-using printers that can replicate photos just like an inkjet “ so we’re doing a similar comparison of laser printers to find out which printer saves the most toner.

Printers using toner have a few added benefits compared to their inkjet brothers “ Laser printers are much speedier than inkjet ones “ the printers we’ve chosen below average around 20 pages per minute; Inkjet printers compared on our previous post only managed 8 pages per minute. Since toners use lasers, there’s no print heads that need cleaning “ and no chance of the ink drying after sitting for a while.

Printer M.S.R.P. Cartridge Model Cartridge Capacity Cartridge Price (set) Cost Per Page (cents) Color
Laserjet M252dw
$229.99 201X 2,425 pgs $319.99 13 Yes
$139.99 TN-660 2,600 pgs $29.99 1.1 No
$280.00 TN-
2,275 pgs $61.70 2.7 Yes
ImageClass D530
$499.00 128 2,100 pgs $24.99 1.2 No
ImageClass MF216n
$199.99 137 2,400 pgs $42.00 1.7 Yes
Laserjet P1102W
$149.99 85A 1,600 pgs $54.41 3.4 No

Comparing the results, we see the printer that saves the most toner is…

Brother HL-L2340DW! This machine will print pages costing just 1.1 cents “ Although it only prints monochrome, and lacks a scanning feature. For these and more, the Canon ImageCLASS MF216N can provide printouts at just 1.7 cents per page.

If we look back to our price per page comparison of inkjet printers, we’ll remember the Ecotank came in at less than a penny per page - 0.85 cents, to be exact “ which still keeps the Ecotank series of printers in the lead for the printer that saves the most ink. It’s entirely possible, however, that the initial cost of the printer outweighs any savings from its ink use. We’ll combine our findings in weighing price to get to the bottom line in finding what printer saves you the most money, period.


IVY    4.21.16

This information is so helpful for me to make the decision. I will buy brother HL2340 DW. Thank you.

Jake smith    8.12.18

the HL-3170CDW's Ethernet connector lets you connect without a Wi-Fi access point on the network. This digital-LED printer is a low-cost color laser printer in all but name. Toner cartridges last a long time

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