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How to Make a Shower Karaoke with your iPad!


Ferris Bueller

Be honest: We all have the urge to belt out ballads while soaping up in the shower. It�s the perfect place for it � not only are you enclosed in a small area, but without anyone [physically] around to judge, science shows that confidence is boosted to all-time highs.

Until companies start making legit waterproof karaoke machines for the shower, we�ll have to make our own and start taking longer showers. With smartphones, tablets and wireless speakers, this becomes an easy reality. Just think of what this could mean � no more forgetting the words to your favorite songs; no more boring showers; way more star power!

We wanted to fill that void � follow the steps below to make a personal shower karaoke machine!

some text

What you�ll need:

  1. A karaoke app for your smartphone/iPhone/tablet/iPad
    • Karaoke Anywhere
    • Red Karaoke
    • My Karaoke
    • Android Karaoke
    • iKaraoke
    • StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-Tune
  2. A Bluetooth speaker system
    • Monster iClarity HD Precision Micro Bluetooth Speaker
    • Veho VSS-006-BT Portable 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
    • iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker
    • Logitech S7155i Rechargeable Speaker
    • iSing Wireless Shower Radio
    • Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker
  3. A waterproof case for your device
    • Dry Pak Cell Phone Case
    • Sturdy Ziploc plastic bag
    • iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover Pouch
    • Dry Case Waterproof Case
    • Aqua Box Waterproof Smartphone Device Case Series 100
  4. A shower rack or shelf to place your phone or tablet on. (Optional)
  5. A shower rack or shelf to place your speaker on. (Optional)

The Set-up

This is where personalization comes in. Place your lyrics machine on the wall that you face when showering � make sure you�ll actually be able to read the words from afar! Use suction cups, paper clips, d-rings, hanging rack/shelf, or ledges to prop it up safely. Next, find somewhere your speaker can go without being damaged that will be loud enough for you to hear over the water.

some textFor our own karaoke machine, we placed our boss� iPad into a securely sealed Ziploc bag. We then took another Ziploc bag and reinforced one side with duct tape. Using a soldering iron (scissors, knives, anything sharp would work as well), we poked four holes into the duct taped area and weaved paper clips through.

We attached the empty Ziploc bag onto the shower curtain rings first, then carefully sealed the iPad in and closed it all. If you really want to make sure it�s safe, duct tape comes in handy to completely seal the bag opening. The iPad touchscreen even works great through the double bags!

We used a Monster iClarity Mini Speaker for our karaoke machine � it fit perfectly on a suction-cup soap dish purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond. This was set high above the water line at the far end of the shower to ensure it did not get wet. Surprisingly, the suction cups held very well.

The next steps were easy: Fire up the Red Karaoke App. Adjust volume. Grab the showerhead to use as a microphone. Sing to heart�s content!

some text

If you want to get really fancy�

  • Project the lyrics onto your shower curtain
  • Turn your showerhead/shampoo bottle/sponge into a microphone
  • Order a microphone-shaped sponge
some text

Would you use a shower karaoke machine?

Ferris Bueller picture credit: Paramount Pictures


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