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Google Cloud Print From Your...
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Color Management Basics Page...
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Color Management Basics Page...
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Best Ink-Saving Printers - 2012

Cheap printers may seem like a good idea, but they aren’t always the cheapest option in the long run.

If you go to Walmart or Best Buy, you’ll see shelves lined with $20 printers that are easy to install and seemingly perfect for your budget – and it will be for some time. But when the ink finally runs out, the costs of replacing printer ink cartridges might have you running back to the store for a brand-new printer with half-filled cartridges.

The printers highlighted in dark blue are our top of the top picks. Read more about the Top 4 Printers of 2012.

Avoid the waste and buy one of these ink-saving printers:

Printer Model Cartridge Model Cost of OEM ink per page (black) Cost of OEM ink per page (color) Cost of 3rd party ink per page (black) Cost of 3rd party ink per page (color) Price Of Printer Features

For Occasional Users (<10 pages per week):

Pinnacle Pro 901
105XL / 100XL $0.0098 $0.035 $0.02 $0.017 $299.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. $4.99 for blk XL cartridge.
Pro 715
155XL / 150XL $0.024 $0.043 N/A N/A $119.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. 2.4” color LCD display.
Hero 9.1
10 Series $0.026 $0.047 $0.012 $0.029 $179.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax

For Heavy Users (100+ pages per week):

Hero 6.1
10 Series $0.026 $0.047 $0.012 $0.029 $129.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. 200-sheet capacity.
Hero 7.1
10 Series $0.026 $0.047 $0.012 $0.029 $149.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. 3.5” color LCD touchscreen.
Workforce 845
#126 $0.049 $0.036 $0.031 $0.023 $199.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. 500-sheet capacity.

For Heavy Users (100+ pages a week):

Workforce Pro WP-4020
676XL $0.016 $0.02 N/A N/A $99.99 Wireless duplex* printer/scanner/copier/fax. Built-in ADF** and networking.
Workforce Pro WP-4540
676XL $0.016 $0.02 N/A N/A $279.99 Wireless printer/scanner/copier/fax with dual 500-sheet capacity paper trays.
OfficeJet Pro 8600
HP 950 / HP 951 $0.016 $0.019 N/A N/A $149.99 Wireless duplex* printer/copier/scanner/fax. Up to 18 ppm^ (black)/13 ppm^ (color).

For Printing Photos:

Photosmart 7510
HP 564XL $0.024 $0.024 N/A N/A $149.99 Home photo printer.
Pixma iP4920
PGI-225 / CLI-226 $0.047 $0.028 $0.023 $0.016 $89.99 Small wireless photo printer with built-in ADP** and 2-way paper feeding.
Pixma MG8220
PCI-225 / CLI-226 $0.047 $0.028 $0.023 $0.016 $299.99 Wireless premier photo printer with 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi and borderless printing.
*Duplex- Functions with duplex can utilize both sides of the page.

**ADF or Automatic Document Feeder- Multiple pages can be scanned or copied without having to manually enter them into the machine.

^ppm or Pages per Minute-Measurement of printing speed.


Phil    6.20.12

I have found that the Kodak printer has problems with their printhead, I have a ESP5250 and have replaced the print head while under warranty it is now 13 months old and needs another printhead and Kodak told me they couldn't help me because it is out of warranty, luckily I purchased the extended (1 year) warranty from Walmart and I'm using the money back feature and now I'm in the market for a new printer.

ellisenbe    10.24.12

I've been reading reader comments on the Canon Pixma MG8220, where several list high ink usage and one rants about the terrible ink usage. Yet you list it as low ink usage. What's the story?

Sam    11.26.12

Your headings for the second and third categories are both "for heavy users." I'm guessing the second one is supposed to be "for typical users?" Please respond.

RocknRobin     11.27.12

Sam - the first heavy user category is for machines that do both color and mono, the second category is mono only. I had the same question and it took me a minute to figure it out.

Jim    10.15.13

The prices you have indicated for the above printers are way off. For example, the Kodak Office Hero 9.1 sells for $459 on Amazon, yet you show it at $179. I checked several others and found each one to be way more expensive than you indicate. If you don't have the prices right, how do we know you have the ink use right? Just sayin'.

Hirokazu     5.11.14

Matt I believe you mieteonnd this book on a post on your blog, and that was what finally convinced me to get the book and read it. I agree, I think this book would definitely be conducive to stimulating conversation in the church. I think it would help many churches see themselves through a lens that is currently a blind spot. Anyway, thanks for motivating me to read They Like Jesus

Type a Screen Name    4.17.14

Thank God for " commentBackPeople" like JIM ,SAM and others** who(here) took time to let us know their experiences. This is the only " safety net" we really have to twarth people with inaccuracies and false info. They are such things as unsavoury folk on ego trips" to show off !" Strangely, enough those who expound Praise on False Facts or Figure do SEVERE HARM to the Producer of that PRODUCT.

Denis     5.11.14

Hi, thank you for the inspiring comnemt! Thank you for checking out my blog as well! Yeah, if my pet chicken could stop singing off key we would have MADE IT! When windows close, the beginnings of creative capture begins! Have a great day of writing!

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